Atlantic City Holocaust Memorial​

Status: Competition Entry Program: Memorial Square Feet: 2,400sf Location: Atlantic City

Our design takes vision as its point of departure. Rather than an object to look, at our memorial is an apparatus to look through. This shift subverts the monument's invisibility by putting the emphasis on the viewer's vision. This emphasis places the viewer as the figure of remembering in place of the monument itself. The visitor walks through a concrete corridor lit by a thin opening above. This leads into a walled garden open to the sky where a large horizontal cut on the opposite wall displays a view of the horizon. Two mirrors spaced apart and tilted at 45 degrees capture this view and a prism inverts its. The horizon has been turned upside down, with the heavy weight of the water moving above the sky. Visitors rest their hands on a bronze handrail inscribed with the names of the extermination camps.